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Prillient is a well-established and best web development company that is eager to collaborate with you.

Web & Interactive Design

Our team collaborates closely with clients to design, implement, and utilise solutions that help your company prosper in this fast-changing and demanding world.

Branding & Strategy

Prillient Technologies has expertise in web design, custom software development, web development, mobile app development, e-commerce website development, SEO, Social media optimization (SMO) & many more.

Trusted Partner

Hundreds of different brands, ranging from big public sector operations to governments, media houses, banks, private companies, universities, social organisations, startups, and many more, rely on us as their technological partner.

Why choose us?

Why choose Us ?

We're highly professional in our skills!


Our team has excellent coding skills, along with that we ensure the maintenance of your project files and folders just like a pro.


Working at flexible hours, on time submission of projects available 24X7 to provide the best service to our clients make us rate 10/10.

On Budget

Our experts try their best to match project budget similar to budget quoted by our clients to have a healthy customer trust and long term relationship.


We do not compromise our quality. We believe in 'Quality first' approach for providing you marvelous, innovated results.


Our clients always satisfy our technology update. Every employee gets updated to the latest technology as per the requirement of the projects and tasks.

Time Range

Top priority of our team is the completion of given task which makes our team efficient in their respective forte, resulting in on-time project completion.






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Our Services

Our Services

We are an India-based firm that continues to move forward by specialising in the development of custom IT solutions for mobile, web, desktop, Server Management, DevOps, Security, Game Development.

Beautiful Websites

Welcome To A Perfect Theme

Prilient - A perfect theme

Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies

Prelient, a Web design and development company, works with advanced technologies to excel in the hustle of the market competition.

Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise software development means to fulfill the need of an organization where a system already exists and already in place. This software development is developed on the basis of an environment within the organization where they can satisfy their goals.

VR/AR Application Development

Augmented and virtual reality is more than a normal game and video apps for mobiles. Prilient technology comes up with a creative and responsible team of developers to build such technology. VR/AR has explored the industries into a real style 3D-5D nature.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation means the use of computer programs, known as software robots, to automate and standardize business processes. Robots complete tasks very easily, free up time for employees, revenue-generating tasks.

IoT Software Development

IoT Internet of Things means the connection of products or machine to the internet that allows them to process data and connect with electronic devices. The components of making up IoT devices include tags, sensors, embedded computers actuators integrated into objects.

IT Support 24*7

In the field of internet and web hosting services, customer support is one of the priorities we always keep in mind. We host 24*7 customer support where our team works to quickly resolve any of your problems.If any technical issues arise, we immediately provide supportwithin lowest possible time.

Android Development

Android is an operating system used for smartphones and tablet computers. Android OS distribution numbers have been forcing Google to try initiatives to bring latest OS to more devices.Android launches its first version in 2008 with Android 1.0 which included early Google apps like Gmail, maps, calendar, YouTube.

Our Technology

Our Hard Technology

Prillient Technologies, Web application development company, serves in a variety of sectors namely :


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Prillient don't believe on words but on actions !

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Top3India Packers and Movers

DBRC Packers and Movers

Ananta Inspections


Abhinav Transport Company

Web 3


Shri Sai Sumiran Trust

Bird Hospital Gurgaon

Sharma Publication


What they are saying about us

A truly exceptional service provider. Available, prompt, and precise. Always willing to take charge and make things right. Count yourself lucky if you can acquire this group.

Mary Daniels

C#, Programming, Azure, SQL, Microsoft, Angular JS, Server.

It's been a pleasure working with Prelient. They were really receptive to the adjustments. They thoroughly considered our needs and delivered on time and on budget! Working with Prillient was the greatest because they were available all through the project.

Shinzo Markel

ASP.NET Programming, Angular JS, React JS.

Prillient Infotech was always reliable in terms of resolving problems in a timely manner & can be called the topmost custom software development company in town. They have a lot of experienced engineers and developers, and Shalini is a great manager who always gets our requirements right. We will engage them again for future projects without a doubt.

Mbola Smith

Mobile App Development, Android, Iphone, React JS.

It was an incredible experience. A really professional group. Work of exceptional quality. Excellent communication. We will undoubtedly continue to use them on future projects & work with this astonishing offshore software development company.

Piyush Batra

Constantin, Android, Iphone, React JS.

Working with Prillient has been a positive experience. They were able to respond to the project's quick requirements and changes by making themselves available for daily standups.

Amanta R.

Lewis, Swifi, Android, Iphone, ASP.NET Programming.

Prillient has been a pleasure to work with and has consistently delivered on their promises. I hope to enroll myself with them in the coming future. It was a nice experience to share our work with this developer. It comes highly recommended. As usual, fantastic work. Fantastic Business Partners. It is the best software development company around.

Helsinki Braithwaite

Javascript, Couch & Mongo, NOSQL, SQL, Node JS, JSON.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This is a very professional group. Work of outstanding quality. Communication was excellent. We will surely continue to collaborate with this outstanding web development company on future projects.

Luiz Fernandez

ASP.NET Programming, Javascript, Mobile App Development, React JS.

Our Clients

Our hard Clients


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We, Prillient Technologies, are an award-winning mobile app & web development company that caters to industry needs while staying under budget. We have one of the largest clusters of competent and domain-expert engineers with vast knowledge and experience working with the most up-to-date development frameworks.


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